All antepartum CTG tracings gathered in one place

CTG fetal monitorization

All CTG tracings embbeded in a single solution


CTG tracings of both local and remote fetal monitorings are gathered in one place.
Any computer, tablet or smartphone inside the hospital can be used to check both live and archived monitorings.
Searching and comparing CTG tracings requires a lot less effort with the Maternum Antepartum solution.


          • Compatible with both local and remote
          • Integrated with hospital information system
          • Simplicity of use
          • Costumizable according to your needs



Digital wallboard with full information of every patient in every room, both local and remote, in real time.
The wallboard displays Omniview Sisporto alerts of all live fetal monitorings.




Improved Patient Safety


Displaying real time Omniview SisPorto alerts in Maternum Antepartum Digital
Wallboard adds clinical information and eases decision making.

Antepartum Digital Report


For each patient, an Antepartum Digital Report is generated.

The report includes:

          • All antepartum CTG tracings
          • Statistics of Omniview SisPorto tracing analysis on all tracings
          • Records of patient clinical history and risk factors
          • Clinical staff annotations, interventions and conclusion