Omniview Central Monitoring

Make Birth Safer


View Any CTG Anywhere


Omniview-SisPorto allows for easy access to CTG data from any location, enabling healthcare professionals to remotely monitor fetal heart rates and make informed decisions to improve patient outcomes.
With the ability to connect to multiple brands of fetal monitors and view CTG tracings from any location in the hospital on multiple devices, Omniview-SisPorto provides a comprehensive solution for CTG monitoring that can be customized to meet the unique needs of any healthcare setting.

Advanced CTG Analysis


With its advanced computerized analysis of CTG data using the SisPorto algorithm, Omniview-SisPorto provides a reliable assessment of fetal wellbeing during labor.


SisPorto provides an additional safety net for both intrapartum and antepartum CTG monitoring, enabling healthcare professionals to detect potential issues earlier and make informed decisions that can improve patient outcomes.


The advanced CTG analysis provided by SisPorto helps to ensure that labor ward directors and lead midwives have the information they need to make the best decisions for their patients.



Streamlined Obstetrical Workflow


By providing a custom paper-free obstetrical process, Omniview-Sisporto streamlines clinical workflows and reduces the burden of administrative tasks. With features such as automatic charting, remote monitoring, and electronic documentation, Omniview-SisPorto makes it easy for healthcare professionals to manage patient data and communicate with other members of the care team.


By streamlining obstetrical workflows, Omniview-Sisporto enables healthcare professionals to focus on what they do best: providing high-quality care to their patients.



Any Hospital size:
  • Omniview has a structure that can increase size to include any CTG in the Hospital, including multiple Hospitals connected.
Multiple view locations:
  • As a stantard, 50 viewing locations are offered to each site.
Automated start/stop:
  • The program handles the start and stop of CTG tracings automatically, reducing the need for manual intervention.
Optimized CTG sizes:
  • The system automatically optimizes the active tracing size to provide the best possible view of CTG data.
Tracing Archival:
  • The program automatically archives CTG tracings for later review and analysis.
STAN Events Display:
  • The system displays STAN events and T/QRS crosses for a more comprehensive analysis of CTG data.
Name and ID Communication:
  • The program communicates patiente details automatically with fetal monitors, providing an efficient and streamlined workflow.
Visual and Sound Alerts:
  • The system provides visual and sound alerts for key CTG features, including excessive uterine contractions, prolonged decelerations, reduced long-term variability, and reduced short-term variability.
Combination of ST Events and CTG Features:
  • The system combines ST events and non-reassuring CTG features for a more comprehensive analysis of fetal wellbeing.
Tracing Retrieval and Printing:
  • The program allows for easy retrieval and printing of stored CTG tracings.
Tracing Review and Simulation:
  • The program allows for the review and simulation of stored CTG tracings for education purposes.
And much more:
  • The system includes a range of additional features designed to improve the CTG monitoring process, streamline clinical workflows, and improve patient outcomes.



Setup a large overhead anonymized screen.
Omniview maintains automaticly all the active CTGs as large as possible, because of its Automated start/stop an Optimized CTG sizes.